Accounting Intern Job Description

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Learn about the essential requirements, responsibilities, and skills that an accounting intern’s job description should include.

In a real accounting department or accounting firm, accounting interns can learn and gain firsthand experience. As required, they assist with account reconciliation, research, report preparation, and other tasks.


At Invest Atlanta, the Accounting Intern will have the chance to learn about the various aspects of the accounting function and gain practical accounting experience. In order to aid in the development of their careers in the future, Invest Atlanta internships provide entry-level professionals with real-world learning opportunities in a fun setting.

The Accounting Intern will work directly under the Assistant Controller’s supervision, assisting other accounting team members and providing exceptional customer service to internal clients.

What does an accounting intern do?

Most of the time, accounting interns are responsible for preparing and editing financial documents and reports. You’ll be working alongside an accountant to help them with client relations and research.

However, your accounting internship in 2021 may differ slightly from another intern’s accounting position depending on the employer. If you prefer an industry with accounting interns who specialize in a few areas, accounting interns at other businesses might not learn about certain nuances during their summer programs.

How do I find an accounting internship?

Try using Handshake’s filtered search for “accounting internships near me” to find internship opportunities in accounting. With Handshake, you can really concentrate on accounting firms where you might want to work and even network with former interns who might also be school alumni.

When should I start applying for accounting internships?

For most positions, sooner looking for your temporary job instead of later! We recommend beginning your search for accounting internships no later than the previous season if you intend to intern over the summer. Keeping up with fall virtual career fairs will be helpful in securing a position because many industries prefer to recruit as early as fall.

Since application deadlines vary from company to company, it is usually preferable to apply sooner! If you’re looking for a job during the school year, you should start applying three to six months in advance so you can tell your internship about your other responsibilities and classes.

Also, keep in mind that the career services center at your university will have great information about specific recruitment periods at your school. At the beginning of the school year, make sure you sign up for a meeting with your career advisor to get more help planning ahead!

How much do accounting interns make?

Since the ventures that require bookkeeping assistants fluctuate so generally, there’s no standard response for bookkeeping entry level position payscale. If you want to know how much your accounting internship will cost, it might be best to ask the company where you want to do it directly. Some internship programs only offer class credits, but many others are more interested in paying their interns by the hour or with a set stipend.

What skills are relevant for accounting interns?

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and other relevant software.
  • A keen eye for detail.
  • Ability to work together as part of a team.
  • Knowledge of mathematics.

Accounting Intern Job Description Template 1

We are looking for a motivated Accounting Intern who is ready for an immersive, real-world experience and has a basic understanding of GAAP and financial concepts and terms. The Accounting Intern will likely work with our staff to write journal entries and financial reports, look at actual financial data, learn more about bookkeeping software, and help with other accounting tasks. You ought to be an inspired cooperative person who can keep up with productivity and exactness when performing various tasks.

You should have a positive attitude and an understanding of accounting and financial principles to be a strong candidate for an accounting internship. You should be willing to learn, trusting, collaborative, and open to feedback.

Accounting Intern Responsibilities:

  • Observing Accounting department employees as they carry out their responsibilities.
  • Helping with research, documenting, information passage, and recording and keeping up with precise and complete monetary records.
  • Preparing documents like invoices and other financial reports like balance sheets and income statements.
  • Utilizing software for bookkeeping.
  • Honesty and integrity when handling confidential or sensitive information.
  • Learning how to put together and analyze data, keep track of information, and support the company or clients as part of the Accounting team.
  • Completing additional projects or tasks to increase one’s knowledge of office operations and accounting.

Accounting Intern Requirements:

  • You must have recently graduated or be actively pursuing an accounting bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • Satisfactory completion of introductory accounting courses and a fundamental comprehension of financial and accounting concepts.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 may be required by some businesses.
  • Aptitude for math and computer skills
  • Strong communication skills, both verbally and in writing.
  • High level of responsibility, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • A strong desire to take on new challenges and learn as much as possible, as well as motivation.

Accounting Intern Job Description Template 2

Job Overview:

Company XYZ is seeking hardworking, dedicated individuals who want to support our continued success. We are currently the largest US operator and developer of rental housing and one of the largest global investment management firms, providing investors, clients, and residents with services that are leading the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to Company XYZ, where our people are what make us the global leader in rental housing. We provide our team members with unparalleled opportunities for professional development and career advancement.

Job Responsibilities:

For the summer of 2023, we are looking for several Investment Accounting Interns.

As a sign of interest, we encourage you to submit your application. If there is further interest in the next steps, a Talent Acquisition Advisor will get in touch with you. We expect to schedule interviews toward the end of September, and the best candidates will receive offers before the year’s end. This position is expected to start in June 2022.

This position is meant to give students who want to start a career in the real estate industry a chance. Students from universities will gain hands-on experience in every stage of the function they are interning with. Management, financial operations, sales, operations, marketing, technology, development, and other areas are all examples of this.

Job Description:

  • Work on cash management/bank accounts, investor reporting, capital transaction management, financial reporting, audit supports, investment acquisitions, investment dispositions, and other general functions with team members will be the responsibility of the investment accountant intern.
  • Makes appropriate journal entries for recording in the general ledger by checking calculations, reviewing the basis for figures, and balancing and reconciling figures in preparation for entry into various financial statements and accounting reports.
  • Audits spending plan, income, cost, finance sections, solicitations, and other bookkeeping reports and explores and settle disparities as the need might arise.
  • Performs bank compromises and wire moves for store, makes contract installments and conveyances, and guarantees exactness.
  • Analyzes trends in revenue and expenditure and recommends appropriate budget levels to ensure expenditure control in order to maintain and coordinate accounting control procedures.
  • Explains journal entries and financial transactions to internal and external auditors, provides research data and information when requested, and responds to questions necessary to finish the audit on time.
  • Communicates with on-site and other property managers to assist in the completion of pre-closing and closing activities, answer questions, provide assistance, and ensure that accounting procedures are completed promptly to ensure timely reporting to clients and the company.
  • Completes reports and analyses on a variety of financial, accounting, administrative, and other topics, as well as any other tasks that are given to them or that are required.
  • Regular full-time and part-time team members may be eligible to participate in a bonus program in addition to their base salary, depending on the position. The 401(k) plan is open to team members who are eligible. Additionally, full-time team members can select from a variety of medical, financial, and/or other benefits.

Accounting Intern Job Description Template 3

At Invest Atlanta, the Accounting Intern will have the chance to learn about the various aspects of the accounting function and gain practical accounting experience. In order to aid in the development of their careers in the future, Invest Atlanta internships provide entry-level professionals with real-world learning opportunities in a fun setting.

The Accounting Intern will work directly under the Assistant Controller’s supervision, assisting other accounting team members and providing exceptional customer service to internal clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and document the internal financial procedure and suggest modifications to management.
  • Helps with planning monetary reports and give pattern revealing and other examination on an impromptu premise.
  • Contribute to the development of templates for the upcoming budget cycle.
  • Contribute to the preparation and adjustment of journal entries pertaining to monthly General Ledger activity.
  • Research and analyze financial data from capital, assets, liabilities, and statements of operations.
  • Support the external auditors’ audit and review of our financial statements.
  • As opportunities arise, assist in conducting research on technical accounting issues.
  • All other responsibilities as given.

Assist with the day to day tasks in the department such as:

  • Examine the bank reconciliations each month.
  • Monthly, check and agree on the aging of receivables to the general ledger for the Primary Government and Component Units.
  • On a monthly basis, check all of the balances between companies.
  • Collaborate with the accounting team to ensure that monthly trial balances are balanced.
  • Daily validates data through team members’ cooperation and regular spot checks.
  • As needed, performs additional tasks related to Business Operations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Exhibited leadership qualities at work and/or in school.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the capacity to comfortably interact with senior-level leaders at all organizational levels
  • Superior technical abilities, including a solid grasp of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others).
  • The capacity to work in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented, dynamic, and shifting environment
  • The capacity to pay close attention to particulars
  • Proven capacity to manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously
  • You must have a strong focus on customer service and a strong sense of urgency about meeting goals and deadlines.
  • The capacity for influence as well as imaginative and strategic thinking
  • The capacity to analyze and solve problems
  • Should have the option to work adaptable hours in view of business needs.

Education Experience:

  • Current college understudies at Senior level with concentrates on in the space of Bookkeeping or Money.

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