58+ Best Jobs For Teens / Teenagers To Consider While in School

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Everybody has a memory of their first job. Teens benefit greatly from developing skills outside of school and earning a small income. The best jobs for teens are being discussed by our experts! Watch it and show it to the teen in your life.

When you’re a teenager, you might look for ways to make money without falling behind on homework or activities after school. Fortunately, teens can earn money while acquiring valuable skills and working experience through part-time employment. In order to train and prepare teens for part-time work, many supervisors will work with them.

In this article, we discuss some of the best jobs for teenagers and discuss the reasons why these positions can be good first jobs. Even though everyone keeps talking about how wonderful it is to be a teenager, few people remember the difficulties of living in a society where there aren’t many jobs for teens.


Even though you have plenty of time and energy to do whatever you want, your options are severely constrained by your lack of a steady income.

Your parents probably don’t want to help you pay for everything else either; Instead, they advise you to choose one of the numerous jobs available to teenagers.

Although numerous may be an exaggeration, we guarantee that there are jobs available for teens.

Are you unsure of where to look?

This is the right place for you!

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How to find jobs as a teenager?

We are aware of the difficulties associated with securing employment for teenagers. First things first: homework and school. As a result, teens’ only options for employment are part-time work and summer jobs.

Second, you don’t have the skills needed for most “adult” jobs, so you have few options (especially in terms of pay). Even though you get paid a lot of experience, you can’t buy that new smartphone with it, right?

So, what can you do to get a job as a teenager despite these two limitations? The best and quickest ways to find the best online jobs for teens are listed here.

1. Use job sites:

Your best chance of finding the kind of job you want is on job boards. In particular, they can assist you in finding:

  • Jobs for teens online
  • Summer jobs for teens
  • Jobs for teens near you
  • Highest-paying jobs for teens    

What magical websites are we referring to? Snag, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, among others. However, not all of them produce the same results, so we’ll show you how to use Indeed because it has the most job listings out of the five. Use the job board to find jobs for teens in the following ways:

Enter “teen” into the search box on Indeed (the box labeled “what”). Enter your address into the “where” field, then select “find jobs” or press enter.

You just received your first round of jobs for teens, all of which are close to you. Additionally, there are a number of filtering options. Press the “salary estimate” drop-down menu to see how many jobs are available for each pay rate if you want to see the best jobs for teens.

You can do the same for online and summer jobs. Therefore, in the “where” search box, type “teen summer” followed by “remote” to find summer jobs. In the “where” search box, type “teen summer” followed by “remote” to find online jobs.

2. Use Google: 

Yes, that is correct. Jobs for teens can be found by simply searching Google.

Therefore, there is little reason to become discouraged if the job sites that we listed did not provide you with jobs for teenagers that piqued your interest. How to get more Google results can be seen below:

  • In the Google search bar, type “jobs” or any of its variants, including “teen.” Yes, put each word in quotation marks. This instructs Google to locate the exact match for your search terms.
  • Good news, jobs! Congratulations on the additional results you just obtained.
  • Select your location to narrow your selections, and you’re ready to go!

Check out our lists below if you’re still unsure of your career goals! We’ll cover the best positions for youngsters, best web-based positions for teenagers, best summer occupations for adolescents, and the most lucrative positions for adolescents.

What types of jobs are well-suited for teens?

Part-time jobs with weekend and evening shifts are ideal for teenagers because they typically have school obligations for the majority of the week. Due to the fact that many of these part-time jobs require little to no experience, they can be good starting jobs for teens. Teens may also be able to work a more adaptable schedule that works with their schoolwork and extracurricular activities through part-time employment.

As you get ready for college or full-time employment in the future, pursuing these jobs as a teenager can help you develop the necessary soft skills. You could also get work experience that is useful for your resume or college application.

58+ of the best jobs for teens for a passive income

Teens can take on a variety of jobs based on their interests, skills, and availability. Teens can learn customer service skills in an in-person setting, for example, while they can learn technical or writing skills online.

The following are 58 of the most rewarding careers for teens:

1. Kennel assistant

National average salary: $12.08 per hour

Kennel assistants take care of dogs and cats in veterinary clinics or animal shelters. They will clean the cages, groom the animals, take them for walks, bathe them, give them food, and administer medication to them. They might also welcome guests who are dropping off dogs and cats or check in guests who are visiting the animals.

You will work as a kennel assistant to care for dogs and cats in veterinary clinics and animal shelters. They will be fed, bathed, medicated, groomed, and their cages cleaned by you. You might also be asked to check in guests who are dropping off their pets, but that’s all you really get to do with people.

2. Fast food attendant

National average salary: $12.36 per hour

In the fast food industry, fast food attendants prepare and serve food and beverages to customers. They might take orders from customers in the store or at the drive-thru from behind the counter. In order to respond to customers’ inquiries regarding the food, fast food attendants must be familiar with the various ingredients of particular menu items. They might also clean the tables, floors, doors, and windows of the bathroom and lobby.

3. Grocery store cashier

National average salary: $12.99 per hour

Behind a cash register, cashiers at grocery stores check out products, bag them, take payments, and return change. Cashiers at grocery stores may also help customers locate products, take inventory, and stock shelves.

4. Car wash attendant

National average salary: $13.20 per hour

Cars are washed, polished, and shined by a car wash attendant. They will clean cars’ interiors as well as their exteriors quickly and effectively. Vacuuming the interior of the vehicle, disposing of trash, soaping the exterior of the vehicle, and polishing and drying the vehicle are additional duties.

5. Restaurant host/hostess

National average salary: $13.35 per hour

Customers are escorted to their tables and greeted by restaurant hosts and hostesses upon entry. They frequently have to ensure that servers receive a fair number of customers in each of their sections and seat guests at their preferred tables. Making reservations, taking calls, and answering questions from customers are all examples of additional responsibilities.

6. Barista

National average salary: $13.75 per hour

In a coffee shop, a barista serves customers beverages related to coffee. To make delicious drinks, they will follow and memorize specific recipes. Baristas also have to greet customers, answer any questions about the menu, take inventory, and keep the lobby area clean for customers.

7. Lifeguard

National average salary: $13.80 per hour

Lifeguards protect guests swimming in the water at pools, beaches, or aquatic centers. Scan the aquatic area to make sure swimmers follow safety rules and save drowning or struggling swimmers are additional duties. They are certified in CPR, first aid, and other appropriate safety procedures. Additionally, lifeguards must pass swimming proficiency tests. According to the American Red Cross, a lifeguard training course can only be completed by people who are 15 years old or older.)

8. Concession stand worker

National average salary: $14.19 per hour

People who work at concession stands serve food and drinks to attendees of various events. They will take food and beverage orders, process payments, and provide change for guests. The cleanliness and neat appearance of the concession stand area is also the responsibility of the workers.

9. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $14.38 per hour

In a store, retail sales associates greet customers, sell products, and answer questions. In addition, it is their responsibility to assist customers with any requirements, exchange or return merchandise, take inventory, and ensure that the store is clean and presentable throughout the day.

10. Library assistant

National average salary: $14.92 per hour

In libraries, library assistants will assist visitors in finding and borrowing books. In addition, they will assist librarians in digitizing printed files or older documents, shelving books, and taking inventory.

Do you not like babies or dogs? Then, what about books? You will assist visitors in finding and borrowing books as a library assistant. Helping librarians with inventory, shelving books, or digitizing old documents are all examples of additional responsibilities.

11. Restaurant server

National average salary: $15.22 per hour

After taking orders from customers, servers at restaurants serve them food. They are also in charge of making sure customers have a good time and will bring them food, drinks, condiments, and other requests. If hosts are unavailable, servers may escort guests to their seats, clean and wipe down tables, and prepare customers’ checks.

12. House cleaner

National average salary: $16.65 per hour

House cleaners ensure that a house or specific rooms are cleaned appropriately. Sweeping, vacuuming, washing and drying clothes, dusting, cleaning bathtubs and toilets, wiping down counters, and washing dishes are all examples of common chores.

13. Dog walker

National average salary: $17.16 per hour

While their owners are away, dog walkers walk and care for their pets. They will make certain that dogs get enough exercise, get food and water, and are walked to and from their homes safely. It’s possible that dog walkers will need to walk dogs at set times every day, regardless of the weather.

We considered beginning with a position that might just meet everyone’s definition of the “best job for teens.” When you go dog walking, you must walk and take care of dogs while their owners are away. Feeding them, taking them for walks, and making sure they get enough exercise are all part of this. Downside? No matter the weather, you’ll have to walk them. Upside? Dogs!

14. Babysitter

National average salary: $20.98 per hour

Children are cared for and watched over by babysitters while their parents are away. They might be in charge of things like bathing, feeding, and transporting children. For advanced care of children in an emergency, babysitters and nannies may take courses to become certified in CPR or first aid.

Are dogs not your thing? You can instead take care of children or babies while their parents are away. Feeding, bathing, and transporting children are all basic responsibilities. To become certified in first aid, you will probably also need to take classes. Yes, caring for infants requires slightly more responsibility. You also get paid more on the plus side.

15. Tutor

National average salary: $24.78 per hour

Tutors collaborate directly with students to help them learn more about particular subjects. They frequently collaborate with struggling students in a particular class to better simplify complex concepts. By studying with students and simplifying their lessons, tutors also assist students in improving their learning strategies.

Brains pay. You’ll be paid to help struggling students improve in particular subjects as a tutor. Teaching more efficient learning methods and simplifying difficult concepts is an essential part of the job.

16. Landscape laborer

National average salary: $12.65 per hour

Landscape laborers take care of their employers’ outdoor properties. Mowing lawns, spreading fertilizer, watering plants, trimming trees, and otherwise beautifying lawns are all part of this. Your employers may assign you additional tasks, but they all involve outdoor activities, which we think is pretty cool.

17. Concession stand worker

National average salary: $11.35 per hour

You will serve people food and beverages at various events’ concession stands in this position. This includes taking their orders, handling the installment, and offering back change. Additionally, it will be your responsibility to clean the concession stand.

18. Daycare assistant

National average salary: $11.19 per hour

Children in daycare facilities are cared for by daycare assistants. Feeding, potty training, changing diapers, and reading children’s books are among the responsibilities. You can come up with a variety of activities to keep them interested, but we are afraid you will have to change their diapers at least once.

19. Grocery store cashier

National average salary: $10.55 per hour

Customers’ items are scanned by cashiers, who pack them, take payments, process them, and return change. Additionally, they may stock shelves, manage inventory, and assist customers in finding products.

20. House-cleaner

National average salary: $13.20 per hour

Cleaning houses or specific rooms is the job of house cleaners. This includes the typical household chores your mother probably assigns to you: washing dishes and clothes, vacuuming, sweeping, or dusting and wiping surfaces Consider it an opportunity to prepare for adulthood if you are new to this.

9 best online jobs for teenagers

Have you already decided that you don’t like working in an office? Again, the internet is there for you.

The best online jobs for teens are listed below:

21. Taking part in surveys:

You can get paid to take surveys online through sites like Survey Junkie and LifePoints. As long as you have the time, you can easily complete this straightforward job from any location.

22. Observing ads: 

You must have heard it. You can get paid to do things like watch ads on sites like InboxDollars. Why not make money doing what you already do?

23. Entering data: 

Teenagers between the ages of 18 and 19 can earn a respectable wage by entering data for online data entry jobs.

24. English tutoring: 

One of the highest-paying online jobs for teenagers is available if you’re good at English. Beginning with tutorme.com is a good idea.

25. Listening to music: 

You can get paid to write reviews for a variety of websites, including Slice The Pie. The sum depends on how good your review is.

26. Service to customers: 

Normal compensation begins at $10/hr for client support agents. You only need a headset, a reliable internet connection, and to be at least 16 years old.

27. Blogging: 

While blogging may not be the best way to make money right now, it can be a great first step toward making a regular income in the future. To get started, pick a subject that interests you and about which you have a lot of knowledge. If your blog gets a lot of traffic over time, you can use ads or affiliate links to make money from it.

28. Examining calls: 

On the off chance that you’re 17 or more established, you can survey calls for quality purposes. People are hired by websites like Humanatic.com to listen to recorded calls and evaluate their quality.

29. Online product and art sales: 

The contemporary yard sale spaces are Decluttr, eBay, or Amazon marketplaces. Do you have unused items lying around? Embrace it! Produce goods you believe people will enjoy? Why not give online selling a shot?

5 highest-paying jobs for teenagers

We don’t blame you if you want to start making a lot of money before you even turn 20. That brand-new smartphone won’t sell itself!

To save you time, we have listed the highest-paying jobs for teenagers:

30. Member of the restaurant team:

Teens can host, serve, wash dishes, and cook in restaurants, among other activities. If you are willing to accept tips, the average pay is $11.63, but it can be significantly higher.

31. Driver who delivers packages: 

Drivers who deliver packages take packages and deliver them to specific locations. They need to do as such as soon as possible and without harming the bundles – for $16.81 each hour.

32. Worker in a retail store: 

Retail is a decent choice for teenagers in spite of the way that positions in the field are supposed to drop sooner rather than later. For $13.13 an hour, teens are expected to stock shelves or assist customers.

33. Barista: 

For $12.59 an hour, baristas work in coffee shops, where they prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages, greet customers, take inventory, and clean the space.

34. Sorter for packages: 

Package sorters may also be required to sort inventory or prepare items for shipping, depending on the warehouse. For package sorters, the average hourly wage is $14.66.

8 best summer jobs for teenagers

A little extra money can make your summer much better. In addition, as temperatures rise and outdoor activities become more and more important, many locations could use some extra help.

This is your chance to stand out. Young, bouncy, and probably on vacation, you are. With our list as a guide, you won’t have to worry about anything.

The best summer jobs for teens are as follows:

35. Counselor at camp: 

Counselors at camps ensure that campers are secure and have fun. They also plan events and make sure that rules are followed. The national average hourly wage is $12.65.

36. Lifeguard: 

Lifeguards protect guests at waterparks, beaches, and pools. They have received training in first aid and CPR. The hourly rate is on average $11.81.

37. Fun park employee: 

Summer is when amusement parks get more people, so they’ll hire teenagers to run rides, sell tickets, or run food stands. You can work as a fun park attendant and earn $11.70 per hour.

38. Golf aide: 

Carrying golfers’ clubs between holes can pay you $18.35 an hour. Additionally, there is the option for tips.

39. Worker at the car wash: 

Car wash workers polish and wash vehicles. This kind of job can pay you $10.17 per hour.

40. Servlet at the resort: 

Resorts typically employ teenagers to assist with the additional work during the summer when work is at its highest. For your assistance, you could earn around $12.47 per hour.

41. Employee at a movie theater: 

For ticket duty, concession stand work, or cleaning up after guests leave, movie theater employees earn approximately $9.00 per hour. The job description also includes complimentary or discounted movie tickets.

42. Agent for the beach: 

This is one of the best summer jobs for teens if you live near the beach. Among other things, it involves taking reservations and processing payments. You could acquire $12.23 each hour doing this.

Other best jobs for teens you should look as a teenager

43. Busser 

How you’d react: One of the delights of eating out isn’t tidying up the table, yet waiting assistants and busgirls get compensated to do that. As a busser, you will promptly clear tables so that the dishwasher can clean tableware and prepare it for reuse.

Things you’ll need: Bussers are continually moving around an eatery, so a sharp eye for a completed feast and a capacity to deal with your feet are both significant.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for a busser is $11.14.

44. Call Center Representative

How you’d react: Retailers and technology companies are just a few of the businesses that employ call center representatives. Be prepared to respond to questions through telephone, informing, and email.

Things you’ll need: On-the-job training is typically provided by the employer; however, an interest in technology (such as computers and messaging systems) and a willingness to look up the answer if you don’t immediately know it are important prerequisites.

What you’d produce: A call center representative earns an annual salary of $30,855 on average.

45. Camp counselor

How you’d react: There are legitimate jobs for teens that pay you to have fun. There are many different kinds of camps, including academic camps, sports camps, and wilderness camps, but in most cases, counselors help groups of kids plan and lead fun activities.

Things you’ll need: If you want to work as a camp counselor, you should enjoy teaching the subjects you teach and enjoy interacting with children in groups.

What you’d produce: Camp counselors earn an average of $13.51 per hour.

46. Catering coordinator

How you’d react: Positions as part-time caterers can include helping to prepare food, delivering it on time to local events, answering phone calls, and more.

Things you’ll need: You’ll need to be able to work from home and enjoy cooking. Being coordinated and thorough go far, as well.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for a banquet worker is $11.14.

47. Delivery driver

How you’d react: Local restaurants in your area need delivery drivers to ensure that hungry customers get their food on time, whether it’s pizza or pad thai.

Things you’ll need: Common prerequisites include a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

What you’d produce: A food and beverage delivery driver earns an annual salary of $32,391 on average.

48. Dishwasher

How you’d react: This is one of those jobs for teens where you might feel like you’re doing your chores for money. Dishes are everywhere there are diners. You’ll be cleaning dishes and putting them back in order as a dishwasher.

Things you’ll need: It’s important to be diligent and have strong legs.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for a dishwasher is $11.16.

49. Fast food worker

How you’d react: Take orders, answer any questions about the menu, prepare food, call them back, and greet them with a smile as they leave. You might also be asked to stock and store food, clean, and do some light office work.

Things you’ll need: Customer service skills are required, but on-the-job training is usually provided.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for members of the food service team is $11.66.

50. Gas station attendant 

How you’d react: Gas station attendants help operate fuel station equipment and dispensers, pump gas, manage the register, and stock shelves, depending on the state in which they work.

Things you’ll need: The ability to multitask and provide excellent customer service are essential job responsibilities.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for a fuel attendant is $12.48.

51. Janitor

How you’d react: Whether it’s at a place of business, school, lodging, or somewhere else, cleaning obligations land in the fit (and focused) hands of janitors, who keep offices perfect.

Things you’ll need: Since no formal education is required, most janitors learn on the job, but physical strength and endurance are also important. Take a look at this janitorial resume example.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for a janitor is $12.38.

52. Lawn care

How you’d react: One of the many outdoor jobs for teens on this list is landscaping. Mowing lawns, raking leaves, trimming hedges, and other yard maintenance tasks are common duties.

Things you’ll need: You might have to provide tools like lawnmowers and trimmers from time to time; Occasionally, your employer will provide them. Regardless, this physical work will require you to be in good physical condition.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for lawn care workers is $16.58.

53. Mover

How you’d react: When it comes time for a business or home to pack up and move, they hire movers to pack everything safely, transport it, and unload it without damaging anything.

Things you’ll need: Moving is a physically demanding job. You will need to be able to carry bulky items for a long time.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for movers is $14.36.

54. Newspaper delivery

How you’d react: Keep local people in the loop by conveying the paper to neighborhood endorsers.

Things you’ll need: The central thing you’ll require is a method for transportation like a vehicle or a bicycle, since paper transporters should go around an area.

What you’d produce: The average annual salary for a route delivery worker is $34,407.

55. Retail sales

How you’d react: Teens can work in a variety of retail jobs, with sales at the top of the list. Retail sales associates work the cash register, set up displays, and maintain the store’s appearance in addition to locating products and answering questions from customers.

Things you’ll need: On-the-job training is the norm, so no formal education is required. Retail sales positions benefit from having good people skills and organizational skills.

What you’d produce: Retail sales associates earn an annual salary of $29,417 on average.

56. Swim instructor

How you’d react: Instructors of swimming instruct others in proper swimming techniques like diving, breathing, and various swimming strokes.

Things you’ll need: Lifeguard and CPR certifications are required for swim instructors, or they can be obtained at no cost.

What you’d produce: The average hourly wage for a fitness instructor is $20.38.

57. Umpire/junior referee

How you’d react: Being a junior umpire for recreation and town leagues can be a great way to get started in refereeing. You’ll be in charge of baseball and soccer as an umpire.

Things you’ll need: It’s important to know the game’s rules. To keep up with the players, you need to be in good shape as well.

What you would do: The average hourly wage for umpires and referees is $15.39.

58. Valet parking

How you’d react: Valets park cars for guests as they arrive at a restaurant, hotel, or other location and return them to the guests when they are ready to leave.

Things you’ll need: In addition to having excellent customer service skills, you’ll also need a valid driver’s license.

What you would do: The average hourly wage for a valet attendant is $12.05.

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