Internship For Business Majors – A Complete Guide To Internships Business Majors Types

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Beyond what can be achieved through school alone, when you see the types of internships, the business internships provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience and establish valuable connections in the industry. Since the 1960s, temporary positions have turned into a conventional piece of the business recruiting process. Internships are now a crucial means of assisting college students in launching their careers.

Neil Blumenthal (Warby Parker co-founder), Elon Musk (Tesla Motors founder), Jon Oringer (Shutterstock CEO), Evan Spiegel (Snapchat founder and CEO), and Kevin Systrom (Instagram CEO) are just a few of the successful business executives who started out as interns.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveyed college graduates in 2017 and found that close to 60% interned while pursuing their degrees. In addition, NACE reported in 2019 that four out of five interns accepted a job offer from over 70% of applicants.

Students require a competitive edge in today’s job market. A four year certification and a high GPA are in many cases simply the base prerequisites to land a meeting. Employers want to see work-related experience and industry knowledge, which a business internship can provide, even when recruiting for entry-level positions.

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Internships for business majors

You have a lot of options for internships in business, which is a major with so many career paths. Because the industry is always looking for capable business students to help and hire, there will always be an opening for a great business internship.

You will, among other things, acquire skills in teamwork, organization, accountability, and problem-solving during your business internships. Temporary job open doors for business understudies can cultivate extraordinary investigation of the field, since there are such countless ways in business to consider and comprehend.

How do I get a business internship?

Given the variety of opportunities available in various businesses, obtaining an internship in business could not be more exciting. You can get a real taste of what it’s like to work in business by participating in business internships during the summer of 2021. 

These internships will provide you with numerous valuable experiences. You’ll meet people who might be your mentor, get to know business secrets, and make connections with coworkers who have different areas of expertise. If it’s a paid internship, that’s even better!

The most effective business internship programs can even lead to full-time employment, enhance resumes, and facilitate letters of recommendation. Start looking for a business internship right away if you take into account all of these advantages of doing one, plus the chance to learn more about a variety of aspects of a single field!

Tips for business major’s internship resumes and profiles

Make sure your resume is up to date and that all of your Indeed profile details are filled in before you start sending out applications. An impressive business internship is now more attainable than ever with a complete profile. If you have a complete profile that states you want to work in business, recruiters are much more likely to message you than if your profile is incomplete.

Tips for business major’s internship interviews

At the point when you really do land your most memorable meeting, be it a virtual meeting or face to face, make a point to come ready and dressed to dazzle. Make sure you have specific examples of your experience to share, such as from clubs or coursework, in your cover letter and resume. 

You can even set up a practice interview with the career center at your university or, if you’re short on time, ask a trusted friend to ask you some common interview questions.

Tips for business major’s internship networking

Start chatting with your coworkers once you’ve secured a business internship and become accustomed to office life. Whether they’re industry experts or individual assistants, treating them with equivalent respect is significant. 

You never know who might be a valuable connection in five or ten years’ time or what insights they might provide. Don’t be afraid to arrange 15-minute informational interviews about your new coworkers’ career paths or to invite them out for a quick cup of coffee.

Other tips for business major’s internship

Searching for explicit counsel before your temporary position starts? Or, after your internship is over, are you still thirsty for more knowledge? Attending a few virtual events is a good way to learn more about your career path development. In addition to expanding your knowledge of your own career, you will have opportunities to network with employers, industry professionals, and other students with diverse points of view.

Types of internships for business majors

Being a business major makes you a competitive candidate in almost every professional field, which is one of the benefits. But with so many different fields to choose from, how do you choose a career? An internship is a great way to find out and get a lot of practical experience at the same time.

The following are some of the most typical internships for majors in business:

  1. Product marketing internship
  2. Sales and marketing internship
  3. Business management internship
  4. Business consulting internship
  5. Management consulting internship
  6. Business development internship

1. Product marketing internship

A product marketing internship can provide you with the opportunity to learn a great deal about the field and acquire new skills if you are interested in marketing and want to learn more about it.

You will learn the fundamentals of marketing during this internship by analyzing and interpreting product feedback, gathering data on market trends, and studying competitors’ marketing strategies. This is a great opportunity to learn about product marketing and the difficulties of selling a product in a competitive market.

2. Sales and marketing internship

A sales and marketing internship is typically available at startups and smaller businesses, where these functions are sometimes combined. This kind of temporary job gives you experience with showcasing yet additionally centers around selling an item straightforwardly to a buyer.

This internship will teach you about the ups and downs of a career in sales and marketing by observing managers making sales calls, preparing presentations for clients, and assisting with new and ongoing campaigns.

3. Business management internship

A business management internship can teach you a lot, from project management to sales analysis. You’ll help make tools, analyze data, and talk with the team about business strategy, among other things. But that’s not the end of your role.

As a matter of fact, since this kind of entry level position connects with the more extensive requirements of a business as a rule, you’ll get an outline of what’s engaged with maintaining a business and getting a genuine involved field for all that from money to tasks.

4. Business consulting internship

Business consulting interns help business consultants gather data or materials for analysis and recommendations, whether as part of a marketing, human resources, management, or accounting team.

You will have the opportunity to make an impact on the organization while also improving your problem-solving abilities and understanding of business models as a business consulting intern.

5. Management consulting internship

Whether you’re an administration counseling understudy for a counseling firm or for a monetary administrations association, during this temporary position you’ll acquire a more profound comprehension of how to investigate, incorporate and introduce data.

You’ll also help put changes to the project’s or team’s structure into action. If you want to work in management consulting after graduation, this is a great internship.

6. Business development internship

You will assist in partnership formation and market research as a business development intern. In addition, you will assist in the establishment of business connections with partners and customers and contribute to the organization’s overall expansion.

You will gain an understanding of how to run a successful business and learn about all the factors that go into creating one during this internship.

What are the benefits of internship for business majors?

The following are some of the primary advantages that college students who intend to pursue a career in business can anticipate receiving from participating in an internship:

  • You’ll acquire important industry information and expert associations.
  • You can learn important soft and hard skills by doing things.
  • Numerous internships provide compensation and/or the chance to earn college credit.
  • Professionals in the field will evaluate your performance and abilities.
  • You will acquire work-related experience that you can incorporate into your resume.
  • You’ll land references for future positions, which can work on your possibilities getting employed.

Popular corporates hiring for internship for business majors

For college students, the majority of medium- to large-sized businesses offer business internships. Companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms, rely on a steady supply of interns to keep the wheels turning.

Every year, thousands of applicants submit applications for internships, but only a small number are accepted. Small businesses are typically less competitive and may provide you with the opportunity to get more out of your experience if you are unable to secure a business internship at a large corporation.

  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Citigroup
  • Ernst & Young
  • Facebook
  • General Motors
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • IBM
  • JPMorgan
  • KPMG
  • Microsoft
  • Morgan Stanley
  • SpaceX
  • Tesla
  • Unilever
  • Verizon
  • Wells Fargo

Internships are in high demand during the summer. More than 2,700 summer analysts and 129 summer associates from 54 majors and nearly 500 universities made up Goldman Sachs’ 2020 intern class.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic caused many programs to be put on hold this year, some companies are now offering remote business internships or have already reopened them in-person programs, albeit in a smaller capacity.

A hybrid internship model has been used by other businesses, with students working on-site a few days a week for the majority of the time.

What is required when you are applying for a business internship majors?

When it comes to establishing the guidelines for their internship programs, businesses typically collaborate with higher education institutions. While most internships are open to students enrolled in a four-year accredited university, some are only available to MBA program participants.

Before being considered for academic credit, internships typically require approval from the career services office or a department. Most business internships require applicants to have the following skills:

  • Resume
  • Proof that you meet the minimum GPA requirements
  • Record of participation in extracurricular activities
  • Cover letter
  • Letters of recommendation
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Online portfolio (if applicable)

Before applying for an internship, check the specifics of each company’s application process and submission deadline.

Jobs for internship business majors 

Are you looking for “business internships near me”? Any of the following roles can apply to business internships, which we’ve listed here for you! Your summer 2021 business internship may be the first step in the right direction in the direction of your true career path. Internships are meant to help you get where you want to go in life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for paid business internships, paid business internships, or business internships in New York City when looking for internships. You can find the job roles and places to apply for business internships you’re looking for by looking at the ones listed below.

  1. Marketing manager
  2. Business analysts
  3. Accountant
  4. Public relations managers
  5. Project manager
  6. Data analyst
  7. Auditor

1. Marketing manager

Companies you can apply to: KPMG LLP, Apple, Microsoft

Average pay: $42,000

Showcasing chiefs manage the limited time endeavors of an organization through promoting and publicizing efforts. They oversee the research, strategy, planning, and execution of the company’s marketing initiatives, which ultimately aim to boost sales or brand recognition.

2. Business analysts

Companies you can apply to: EY LLP, Accenture, Wayfair

Average pay: $70,000

Organizations benefit greatly from the strategic insights and strategies provided by management consultants and business analysts regarding how to enhance weaker parts of their business and guarantee maximum workplace efficiency. They frequently have a degree in business and are well-versed in business procedures and organizational behavior.

3. Accountant

Companies you can apply to: Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, EY LLP

Average pay: $50,000

Financial data is recorded and analyzed by accountants. Accountants give their clients advice on the best way to organize and manage their money after evaluating the accounts of a person or business.

4. Public relations managers

Companies you can apply to: Insight Global, Ignite Mental Health, Nestle USA

Average pay: $38,000

In order to create a specific public image for an individual, group, or organization, public relations specialists communicate with journalists and media outlets. Their obligations might incorporate overseeing virtual entertainment accounts, composing public statements, and arranging press occasions.

5. Project manager

Companies you can apply to: Kiewit, Microsoft, Fidelity Investments

Average pay: $55,000

By managing a team of workers, setting deadlines, and serving as the point of contact for any outsourced resources, project managers (PMs) oversee the planning and execution of specific projects for a company or client.

6. Data analyst

Companies you can apply to: Bank of America, Amazon, Facebook

Average pay: $58,000

Data analysists come from data engineering. In order to produce useful insights for a specific project, client, or organization, data analysts with their data engineering skills collect and compile data. By distinguishing patterns and reaching determinations from those patterns, information experts can give quantitative and subjective thinking to help or go against a business choice.

7. Auditor

Companies you can apply to: Credit Suisse, CohnReznick LLP, Facebook

Average pay: $56,000

In order to establish a company’s legitimacy and legality, auditors examine its financial records. They also provide their customers with recommendations on how to avoid risky financial situations by analyzing and reporting their finals.

Companies for internship business majors

Getting a good education is very important, but getting experience in the “real world” is just as important. If you want to get a job that pays well after graduation, interning at a reputable company that does the kind of business you want is essential. Business majors can find excellent internships all over the country. Investigate different organizations and business types to find the ones that would suit you well.

Here are the five companies you should look for:

  1. Bain & Company
  2. Evercore
  3. Northwestern Mutual
  4. Plante Moran
  5. Nickelodeon Internships

1. Bain & Company

The summer associate program at Bain & Company is one of the best internships for business majors. Bain & Company is a 10-week intensive program that is on multiple lists of recommended internships. 

From the website of Bain & Company: The majority of Summer Associates SAs are awestruck by the wealth of industry knowledge, client management, and communication skills they acquire, and most conclude their summer with an offer to work full-time for Bain as a consultant after completing their studies.

2. Evercore

Forbes and Business Insider report that Evercore’s internships for business majors also rank highly. On the company’s website, it states: You will participate in financial modeling and quantitative analysis, valuation issues, industry and market research, due diligence, preparation for client meetings, and attendance at those meetings as part of an Evercore team.

3. Northwestern Mutual

During this six-to-twelve-week program, interns at Northwestern Mutual frequently receive a salary or stipend. The website says that northwestern mutual will:

  • Help you master our personalized planning process so that we can provide financial solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client over their lifetime
  • Assist you with expanding on your homeroom mastering and foster deep rooted abilities
  • Work with your school schedule, with internships that are available to full-time students either part-time during the school year or full-time during the summer

Students majoring in business will benefit greatly from a Northwestern Mutual internship, which will allow them to collaborate with industry leaders in financial planning. However, a Forbes Magazine intern stated that you must be driven and committed to your work.

4. Plante Moran

Plante Moran offices can be found in a variety of locations, so it’s possible that one is close to you or at least easily accessible. The organization is a duty, review, and abundance the executive’s organization, and is exceptionally proactive with their entry level positions for business majors.

Due to the fact that former interns frequently worked with a different person every day, they encourage new interns to take notes. This intern also advises asking questions because the opportunity is excellent and you won’t want to miss it.

5. Nickelodeon Internships

Nick Studios interns are referred to as “Nickterns,” and if you are lucky enough to land one of these highly sought-after positions, in addition to learning about the business of animation, you will also have lunch with executives of the studio, receive free movie screenings, and have the opportunity to network with professionals who are responsible for making the most entertaining content available on television. 

One of these internships, or one that is similar to it, is definitely for you if you want to work in the entertainment industry.

Final thoughts

Business majors are among the most pursued up-and-comers in any expert field. However, choosing a career can seem a little overwhelming because there are so many options. By taking on at least one of these temporary positions during your time in school, you’ll have the option to get a few extraordinary abilities and find a profession way that is perfect for you.

As a business major, it’s critical to find a company that does the kind of work you want to do when looking for an internship. Do not apply to Nickelodeon just because it sounds like a good time if you want to work in financial planning.

You want to work for a firm that specializes in financial planning. Additionally, the reverse is true. Try not to go to a duty firm if you truly have any desire to work in diversion. Take advantage of the opportunity to the fullest, regardless of the internship you choose. Your career will advance faster the more you ask for and the more motivated you are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get a business internship in college?

Utilizing the location filters on Indeed is essential when looking for business internships. Simply entering the desired city into the search bar will allow you to locate business internships in the exact location you want to intern. Simply conduct a search to find simple business internships in your preferred city.

During your internship in business, you can even look into possible job responsibilities. The job role search bar on Indeed also makes it simple to learn about business roles.

On Indeed, you can even look up the best business employers if you want to go one step further with your research. By simply using the Indeed employer search feature, you can sort by “Industry” to find businesses hiring in your field.

Where can I intern for business?

If you’re a business major looking for an internship, the following companies might be a good fit: Facebook, Credit Suisse, and EY LLP. College students can find business internships all over! Talented interns are needed to support the growth of even those businesses that do not appear to have a primary focus on business.

Are business internships paid?

Yes, you can use the search filters on Indeed to find paid business internships! Full-time business jobs typically pay between $38,000 and $70,000 annually.

How much does a business intern make?

The typical yearly compensation for everyday positions in business range from $38,000 to $70,000.

Are internships necessary for business majors?

Internships are excellent opportunities for development and experience, even though they are not required. You will be able to network and develop both hard and soft skills through a variety of business internships, including excellent seasonal internships for undergraduates.

What is a business intern?

Business interns will spend time working on skills that will benefit them later in their careers in addition to networking and receiving mentorship. The business interns will learn how to effectively communicate their visions, project manager, and work together as a team toward a common objective, as well as how to plan and carry out concrete goals.

Where can I intern for business?

If you’re a business major looking for an internship, the following companies might be a good fit: Microsoft, Amazon, Credit Suisse, EY LLP, and Facebook.

What can you learn from a business internship?

You will acquire valuable generic skills like time management, accountability, organization, and teamwork during your business internship. You will also be immersed in the business world, which will help you learn about your company’s supply chain, how to effectively manage business projects, and your quantitative aptitude.

What should business interns put on their resume?

Make sure to include all of your skills, courses, and achievements on your resume so that potential employers can see them. Likewise having your favored work job and area on your Handshake profile is an extraordinary method for flagging your advantage to expected scouts.

Specific technical skills, time management, the capacity to follow through and execute, and the capacity to contribute and collaborate in a team setting are all excellent skills for business interns. Referencing associations or ventures that you drove and can make sense of thoroughly is additionally key.

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